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Four Ingredient Persian/Iranian Rice Flour Pudding: Fereni (Low-Sugar, Gluten Free)

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A sweet little taste of my culture!

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Persian Rice Flour Pudding, better known in Farsi as “Fereni” or “فرنی” is a dish that takes me back to my childhood. This sweet breakfast or dessert is the perfect comfort food.

Growing up, my mom would make us Fereni when we weren’t feeling good, and it never failed to make us feel better! If you’re open to trying new things, this is one you should add to your list. Only four simple ingredients and a little patience come together to create this pudding, that can be enjoyed warm or cold!

If you’ve never cooked with rice flour before or don’t have any at home, here’s why you should:

  • Rice flour is gluten free!
  • It contains fibres that keep your digestive system in good shape.
  • It’s rich in calcium (combined with the milk, your bones will thank you for making this recipe)

I love to cook dishes from all around the world, and learn about the cultures of each one. But there’s something special about being able to share my own culture with the world. I dare you to come out of your comfort zone and try this recipe!

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Four Ingredient Persian/Iranian Rice Flour Pudding: Fereni (Low-Sugar, Gluten-Free)

Four Ingredient Persian/Iranian Rice Flour Pudding: Fereni (Low-Sugar, Gluten-Free)

This traditional Persian/Iranian Rice Flour Pudding (Fereni) is low in sugar, only has 4 ingredients, and its the perfect breakfast or dessert!


  • 2 Cups Milk of Choice

  • 2 Heaping Tbsp Rice Flour

  • 1 Tbsp Sugar or Sweetener

  • 1 Tsp Rose Water

  • Optional toppings: Sliced almonds, sliced pistachios, dried edible rose petals


  • In a cold pot, add in your milk of choice, rice flour, and sugar. Mix until all combined.
  • Turn on the stove to medium heat, and stir consistently until mixture has thickened (can take about 10 min).
  • Once your mixture is thickened, turn off the stove, add in your rose water, and mix.
  • Allow to cool and thicken a bit more, add on toppings if you like, and enjoy!


  • Patience is key, stir consistently to avoid lumps.
  • Make sure to only turn on stove after rice flour and milk are completely combined.
  • Sugar levels can be adjusted to taste.

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